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H-hello again I-its me Zeniki. Y-yes that is my r-real name s-so please do not a-acuse me of l-lieing.I have a couple o-of friends but not e-enought. A at least t-thats what Miuka says. Miuka I-is my b-best friend and I I wouldent be here if I it wasent for her a-and Neaca.they ganged u-up on me and made me this. I-im not really a f-fan of the i-internet. I-if you couldent t-tell I am really afraid of people, s-so most of the time w-when I got out in p-public I wear this red skarf around my neck t-to hide my face. I don't l-like it when people call m-me and my friends f-freaks. J-just becouse my e-ears are different and I have t-this one white stripe a across my black hair.p-people are always asking me I if I died it...and w-when I ask them what that means t-they give me a weird look. I-is it strange t-that I was born that way? At my h-high school people call me a ddork and a weird-o and once someone c-called me Goth. What dose t-that MEAN. I I guess if you h-have any questions y-you can comment if you'd like. I know you m-might after reading t-this but if you do just a-ask. And w-will someone please tell me w-what "dieing" your hair is? Is I it where you kill it??? I d-dident even know hair w-was alive. Anyway t-thank you for reading this stranger a-and have a n-nice day
From, a very question al
P.s. N-neaca wrote t-that last part... I don't understand w-why


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zeniki fecasenatos
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United States
...h-hello im n-not very good at talking w-with strangers on the internet b-but my friend Neaca s-said it would be nice f-for me to talk to others besides her and Piuka...Neaca also picked the u-username becouse she knows h-how much of a hetalia freak i-i am.u-um... i dont r-really know w-what else to say....

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t-thank you very m-much
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